From NHK TV “京都人の密かな愉しみ” From NHK TV show “Private fun by Kyoto people)”

8月6日 (土) 松浪千壽ポートランドコンサート

NHK朝ドラ「あさが来た」で波瑠、宮崎あおい、玉木宏さん達に琴や三味線演奏の指導・監修をした松浪流家元、松浪千壽と一門がポートランドでコンサートを開きます。 竹取物語をテーマにした幻想的で美しい邦楽の世界を、お愉みください。






August 6th, 2016 (Sat)

Senju Matsunami Portland Concert






Making Video of concert 2016.

Senju is a well-known Japanese traditional music performer and actively performing on TV, radio and live concerts. Senju and the group are coming to Portland to introduce Japanese traditional music.The sound gets to your heart and inviting you to its mysterious world.

Location:PSU Lincoln Hall     1620 SW Park Ave., Portland, OR 97201

  • Time: 8/6 (Sat) 14:00-16:00 (13:30 open)

Session 1:

  • Hanonoirowa Uturinikerina (花のいろはうつりにけりな)
  • Rokudan (六段)
  • Shakuhachi “Honkyoku”(尺八「本曲」)
  • Kodoujyouji(古道成寺)
  • Kaguyahime no Tegoto(かぐや姫の手事)

Session 2

  • Kazeni Kike(風にきけ)
  • Harunoumi(春の海)
  • Sakura Hensoukyoku(さくら変奏曲)
  • Setsugetuka ni Yosete(雪月花によせて)
  • Kyousoukyoku Part 1(郷想曲Part 1)

Ticket:  Price (Advance/At the door)

  •      S-Seat $72.50/$80 (45 seats only.  Special gifts from the concerts included)
  •      A-Seat $30/$35
  •      B-Seat $12.50/$15.00

Senior/Student discount available – please check when call in or on-line

Contact PSU Box Office: tickets@pdx.edu (503-725-3307)

How to purchase tickets

Parking Info near Lincoln Hall

More about Senju