Japanese Dance

Noh/the masks





Japan has a unique culture that was developed and fostered in its over 2000 years of history. Some of the traditional items and cultures have been becoming popular or being introduced in outside of Japan. However, some of them may be deviated from its origin along the way or stretch the meaning of the “traditional” culture during the process of translation of Japanese culture and traditional arts.

We would like you to know and experience the “real” Japanese culture and the traditional arts. “Real” does not necessarily mean to keep its old form; however, it has to preserve the underlying principle and to understand the background the culture. Imitating surface or extreme modification from its original definitions is disrespectful to any culture and tradition, we believe.



As our first step to introducing “real” Japanese culture, we invited Senju Matsunami and 6 other performers from Japan and sponsored a concert in Portland, OR in August 2016.  The details about the concert can be found here.

Japanese Cool is inviting Senju Matsunami this year in Seattle and Portland. The details are now available!

Senju Matsunami Concert in Portland and Seattle 2017



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