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Some Japanese products are outcome from strong fixation on usability, quality and/or specific features. Such obsessions may be seen in mass production process of manufacturing car, small household goods such as appliances and stationery or manually created by craftsmanship. Innovations and high technology may form an image of Japan, but there are many more cool stuff to be offered from Japan.

 We use 3 categories to introduce Japanese Cool.

  1. Items that are made from endless desire to explore quality and usability through technology or manual craftsmanship.
  2. Traditional culture and life style.
  3. Efficient processes to produce quality products.

We research and evaluate each item before introducing on this time. What we introduce here is what we certified as the best of Japanese Cool in its category. We hope to help everyone to enjoy “Japanese Cool”.


Senju Matsunami Concert 2017 in Portland and Seattle. Tickets are now on sale!! Click for the details NOW!


松浪千壽2017アメリカ公演決定!10月28日ポートランドWinningstad Theatre、11月1日シアトルBroadway Performance Hallにて。

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